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Michael James Lorin

Show Host

I’m the host of the Messiah Community Radio Talk Show, a program that features high profile leaders from every field. 

Some notables include boxing great George Foreman, Hollywood Walk of Fame acting legend Stacy Keach, Jonathan Cain, keyboardist for the band Journey, US Open tennis champion Juan Martin del Potro, French Open tennis champion Michael Chang, Terry Benedict, producer of the Oscar-winning film Hacksaw Ridge, Mike Lindell, inventor of MyPillow, and more! 

About Our Show

Back in 2014, I stumbled across a website that showed people developing their own radio talk show on a podcast. It never occurred to me to try my hand at it even though a good part of my life was spent in adult contemporary radio. 

I have always been curious about people and wanted to connect with them about things that mattered. Everyone has amazing gifts and talents, so it seemed like a good idea to explore the human condition on a broader scale. 

The show began by featuring self-published Christian authors and after a few short years expanded to include secular and Christian guests who are leading influencers in their fields. Presently, we have over 150 episodes and counting with top scholars, authors, musicians, and celebrities.   

Our Sponsors include RODE microphones, Samson Technologies, Auralex, Hamilton Stands, Zoom, Beyerdynamic, Vocal Booth To Go, SecondLine Themes, Hosa Technologies, MyPillow, Lee County Coalition for a Drug Free SW Florida, Kaotica Eyeball, John Burr Voice Dynamics, Marc Cashman V-O Coaching,  and Bill DeWees Voice Talent. 

Join Thousands of Listeners Worldwide

We are proud that many of our listeners come from different parts around the world. 

In addition to the United States people tune in to the Messiah Community Radio Talk Show all the way from Japan, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom, France, South Africa, and more! 

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