Month: July 2018

Dr. Alicia Britt Chole: The Sacred Slow

Our special guest is Dr. Alicia Britt Chole, author of The Sacred Slow: A Holy Departure From Fast Faith.  Alicia has often been compared to a velvet-wrapped sword: her voice is soothing and her messages are piercing. Dr. Alicia can be seen on TBN Mondays at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT.

She loves less than trendy spiritual formation themes like what grows in barren seasons, the gift of decrease, the use and abuse of spiritual authority, doubt as a growing pain of faith, and habits of a truly healthy soul.

An intriguing wordsmith, Alicia is a skillful mentor, an award-winning writer, and an international speaker. Men and women, learners and leaders, across ethnically diverse groups agree: In a culture obsessed with all-things-new, Alicia brings ancient truth to life.

Alicia holds a doctorate in leadership and spiritual formation from George Fox Seminary and serves as the founding director and lead mentor of Leadership Investment Intensives (, a nonprofit devoted to providing customized soul-care for leaders in business and ministry.

Along with her husband, Dr. Barry Jay Chole, and their three amazing children (all Choles through the miracle of adoption), Alicia lives in the Ozark countryside and enjoys thunderstorms, jalapenos, #LOTR, thorny questions, wild woods, and pianos in empty rooms.

Alicia Britt Chole’s atheistic existence was dramatically interrupted by Jesus weeks before she began her university studies. Of that experience Alicia states, “I would have had to commit emotional and intellectual suicide to deny God’s reality.” Today, Alicia speaks on the fusion of authentic faith and unexplainable pain to leaders, pastors, professionals, college students, and churches. All who have heard her agree: Alicia is an unusually disarming combination of realism and hope, intellect and grace, humor and art.

Alicia and Barry have been married for 25 years. Together they laugh a lot parenting their three amazing children (all Choles through the miracle of adoption), four somewhat less than amazing dogs, one truly strange cat, and eight confused chickens off of a dirt road in a country home devoted to writing and refection.

Alicia holds a B.A. in Plan II pre-law (1983) and an M.A. in Education (1994) from the University of Texas-Austin and a DMin in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from George Fox Evangelical Seminary (2015).

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Anthony Meindl: A top LA/NY acting coach who helps people get real

Our special guest is Anthony Meindl, author of At Left Brain Turn Right: An Uncommon Path to Shutting Up Your Inner Critic, Giving Fear the Finger and Having an Amazing Life and  Alphabet Soup For Grown-Ups: 26 Ways to Not Worry (Really!), Be Happy (Truly!), and Get Over Yourself (Finally!) Anthony Meindl is an LA-based Writer/Director/Teacher/Founder of AMAW studios worldwide, with studios in LA, London, NY, Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney and Atlanta. He has also taught internationally in Sofia, Bulgaria, Rome, Capetown, South Africa, Melbourne, and Paris. He has guest lectured at the Gaiety School/The National Theatre School of Ireland, the prestigious Moscow Art Theater, the Actors Centre London, and is the guest acting teacher at David Lynch’s Masters of Filmmaking Program in Fairfield, Iowa.

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More than 10,000 actors have read the book that is helping artists get out of their own way and achieve their goals. With inspirational and hilarious stories, Anthony sets the reader on a journey to start realizing their creative potential and tap into their innate talent. You will learn to stop comparing yourself to others and start living the life you always dreamt of living. We wrongly believe that success (and creativity) looks a certain way, and when we fail to realize those ideas and pictures in our head, we often give up. At Left Brain Turn Right finally shows artists what creativity really looks like – and how to achieve more of it (and success).  Once you get on the path of your artistic life, you will learn how to silence your inner critic, give fear the finger and experience the life that has been waiting for you.

Do “inspirational” books often leave you feeling uninspired? Does your spiritual practice take a backseat to The Walking Dead? Do all the self-help books you binge on end up becoming “shelf-help” books that gather dust and never get their bindings cracked? Alphabet Soup for Grown-Ups: 26 Ways to Not Worry (Really!), Be Happy (Truly!), and Get Over Yourself (Finally!) is a book that just might change your relationship with the most important person in your life: yourself. It’s a down-to-earth, accessible, inspirational book, without all the new age mumbo jumbo; just 26 simple and hilarious ways for people to stop postponing happiness and live their dreams now. Acclaimed author Anthony Meindl picks up where his first book, At Left Brain Turn Right, leaves off and gives readers 26 fresh and practical life tools for everyday people covering the A to Z’s of “B”-ing!

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John Couch: Apple Inc.’s first vice-president of education

Our special guest is John Couch, Apple Inc.’s First Vice President of Education. He is also the author of the book Rewiring Education: How Technology Can Unlock Every Student’s Potential.  Apple’s iconic co-founder Steve Jobs had a powerful vision for education, employing technology to make an enormous positive effect on the lives of millions of students. The man Jobs tapped to realize this vision was John D. Couch, a trusted engineer and executive who had a passion for education. Couch believed learning needed to be personal and collaborative. He argued the real purpose of education was to help children discover their uniqueness and empower them to reach beyond their perceived potential. However, changing a system that has notoriously resisted change for the past century proved to be no small task, even for an Apple vice president.

Now, though, technology is increasingly integrated into every aspect of our lives, rewiring our homes, our jobs, and even our brains. Most important, a rewiring of education is finally beginning to unlock the potential of our schools, children, and society.

In Rewiring Education, Couch shares the professional lessons he’s learned during his 50-plus years in education and technology. He takes us behind Apple’s major research study, Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow (ACOT), and its follow-up (ACOT 2), highlighting the powerful effects of the Challenge-Based Learning framework. Going beyond Apple’s walls, he also introduces us to some of the most extraordinary parents, educators, and entrepreneurs from around the world who have ignored the failed promises of memorization and, instead, utilize new science-backed methods and technologies that benefit all children, from those who struggle to honor students.

Rewiring Education examines the future, looking at the most promising of the emerging technologies, and how we, as parents, teachers, and voters, can ensure our children are provided with opportunities and access to the relevant, creative, collaborative, and challenging learning environments they need to succeed both today and tomorrow.

John D. Couch is an Executive Advisor to, and former Vice President of Education at, Apple, Inc. A former UC Berkeley graduate student, HP engineer and manager, and Cal State University lecturer, John was recruited by Steve Jobs in 1978, becoming Apple’s 54th employee. He left in 1984 and spent ten years using innovative technology to transform a struggling K-12 school in San Diego, which is now a National Blue-Ribbon school. At Jobs’ request, John returned to Apple in 2002, tasked with bringing education into the digital age. He has been a vocal proponent of personalized learning and was Apple’s representative to President Obama’s National Education Technology Plan and ConnectEd initiative. In 2017, John funded the establishment of a new Student Learning Research Fellowship at Harvard University, designed to support cutting-edge research for improving student learning and motivation. Visit John’s personal website for info on his other endeavors, including Eden Estates and Eden Inspirations.


Unpacking your crosscultural experience

Our special guest is Cory Trenda, author of After the Trip: Unpacking Your Crosscultural Experience. For more than three decades, Cory has worked with international humanitarian organizations and led crosscultural trips to dozens of countries. A senior director for World Vision, he is the author of Reflections from Afar: Unexpected Blessings for Those Who “Have” from Those Who Don’t and lives with his wife, Janet, in southern California. When he’s not traveling internationally to promote poverty alleviation efforts, he works to bridge cultures in the United States.

Can a one-time crosscultural experience truly be life-changing? Veteran trip leader and intercultural guide Cory Trenda says yes—if we let the trip launch a journey of integrating the experience into our ongoing life. In After the Trip Trenda provides a unique guide for individuals and teams to make the most of a crosscultural trip after returning home. Readers will find help with navigating the crucial reentry process, remembering and sharing key stories, interweaving new insights into everyday life, and engaging in continuing learning and service. Combining practical tips, reflections, and stories from Trenda’s own decades of crosscultural travel, this is an essential resource for organizations, churches, schools, and all travelers who want crosscultural trips to be a catalyst for lasting good.

The trip itself is just the beginning; real life change happens after the trip.

Kelly Minter: LifeWay author and Christian singer

Our special guest is Kelly Minter, an author, speaker, songwriter, and singer. She is passionate about women discovering Jesus Christ through the pages of Scripture. Whether through song, study, or spoken word, Kelly desires to authentically express Christ to the women in a culture where so many are hurting and broken. She is driven to share the healing and strength of Christ through the Bible’s truth. In her own words Kelly talks about her upbringing and life. My parents raised me along with my three younger siblings in Northern Virginia, which is an important distinction because it means D.C. metro, traffic, and politics more than the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the Minter home, although our family didn’t always get it right, we mostly got it real. As a child, I struggled with acute anxiety and waves of depression before I or the people around me had much language or help for such things. The Word of God became my balm. This is one of the reasons I love the Bible so.

In my twenties, I moved to the Nashville after signing a record deal. Soon after unloading all my belongings, I got used to the perks of the south—a then slower pace and novelties like cheese grits. If I’d written the rest of the story, the next few paragraphs would include the heights of happiness and fulfillment as a result of success and notoriety. But that’s not what happened. I poured myself into three records—but instead of fame and fortune, pretty much everything I’d put my hope in unraveled before me. I eventually ended up with an opportunity to write a book, which is now out of print—so that went well, too. I was looking to people, career paths, and success to fill me, but whatever splashed into my bucket only leaked out. I had a bunch of those ‘cracked cisterns’ in my heart that are mentioned in Jeremiah—the kind that obviously don’t hold water. Maybe you can relate?

Around that time LifeWay asked if I’d be interested in writing a Bible study. I was equal parts thrilled and overwhelmed by the opportunity. (This was around the same time when I’d run into people I hadn’t seen in a while and they’d say encouraging things like, “Oh do you still live here?”) Since the Lord was deconstructing just about every false god I had in my life at the time, I wrote about what I knew and what I needed to learn—the idols I was trusting for worth and meaning. I thought it a good idea to invite real people to my house to pilot the material I was writing—people who would tell me the truth. We cooked and ate together, dug through Bible passages with intensity, prayed with one another, and laughed for hours. (That was before everyone started having kids). Shortly thereafter, No Other Gods was published. What followed, quite unexpectedly for me, were invitations to speak at churches across the country, a few more books, teaching local Bible studies, and the opportunity to lead worship at my home church and abroad. So did a trip down the Amazon in a riverboat.  As in…the real one in the jungle, my friends.

I’d been invited on a riverboat adventure to serve the forgotten people of the jungle. My comfortable, western lifestyle and mindset was challenged at every turn. Since then, I’ve traveled to the jungle numerous times with an organization called Justice & Mercy International, and I’ve since written a book about it. I sit on the board of JMI, and I’m a passionate supporter and participant of their annual jungle pastors’ conference. The invitation to be on mission with God, both here and abroad, is one of the greatest joys of my life. Today I’m grateful for the opportunities to study and teach the Word of God—the very words that have changed my life. I’m also thankful to be singing and writing music, bringing it all together at an event called Cultivate. Other joys include teaching the Bible to the younger generation and serving them coffee in weighty diner mugs (the younger generation must understand the weight of the diner mug—pun absolutely intended). I adore community, which naturally means I’m zealous for all things food, cooking, and gardening. I’ve adopted the southern love of college football. I am an ecstatic aunt of six nieces and nephews who say things like, “You’re the best Kelly ever,” even when I don’t feel like it. In all things, I delight in the person of Jesus in whom is found the only redemption this world has ever known. My joy is to know Him, talk about Him, and teach the Word that is all about Him.

What is a speech pathologist?

Our special guest is Dara Whitehead-Allen, M.S., CCC-SLP a highly regarded speech pathologist and vocal coach.  She has enjoyed a multifaceted career as a singer, actor, voice coach and licensed speech-language pathologist. She offers a wide range of services related to the management of voice, speech, breathing and upper airway disorders for adults. She also provides private speech and presentation coaching for a variety of professionals. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, lawyers, doctors, teachers, singers, actors and professionals from the corporate world. In addition, Ms. Allen trains broadcasters in the radio-television news industry. Her clients hail from all over the United States and the major network affiliates, including NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and AccuWeather.

Ms. Allen holds a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Texas Tech University and a Master of Science in Communication Disorders from the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at The University of Texas at Dallas. She has completed additional graduate studies in music at Texas Tech University and The University of North Texas. Ms. Allen has also completed the ESTILL Voice Training Levels One and Two, Myofascial Release Techniques for Speech Pathologists, and is certified in the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT). She is an advanced Reiki practitioner and has received training in Lessac Madsen Resonant Voice Therapy and in Casper Flow Phonation. Ms. Allen is also a registered Buteyko Breathing practitioner. She is a member of the Actor’s Equity Association (AEA), National Association for Teachers of Singing (NATS), the American Society for Speech Language and Hearing (ASHA), Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) and The Voice Foundation.

Ms. Allen has been a soloist with nationally recognized symphony orchestras, has appeared in numerous leading roles on the regional stage, has toured nationally and is a member of the critically acclaimed Ken Davis Chorale. In addition, she maintains a busy private voice studio, and her students have been recognized across the country, including participation on “American Idol.” Ms. Allen has served as a guest lecturer at universities across the region, and she is a former adjunct faculty member at The University of Texas School of Law.

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