What is the real mission of life?

Dr. Christopher Wright the International Ministries Director of Langham Partnership International talks about the real mission of life.

OCD and the human brain

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz one of the world’s leading experts in neuroplasticity talks about the human brain and OCD.

Doing the right thing under pressure

When 70th ranked tennis player Tim Smyczek played Rafael Nadal in theΒ 2015Β Australian Open he captivated the world with his sportsmanship when he had everything to lose. Would you be so honest to do the right thing under pressure?

The power of ancient words

World renowned Greek scholar Dr. David Alan Black talks about the power of words in another language.

From addict to world scholar

Dr. Michael Brown was a 15 year old drug addict before becoming on the most renowned Messianic scholars in teh world.

How to become a leader in life

Nationally known leadership coach Dan Reiland and author of Amplified Leadership talks about how to become a leader in life.

How to find the work you love?

New York Times best selling author of the book 48 Days to the Work You Love, Dan Miller talks about how to find passion in a career.

Can podcasts make you more creative?

Should everyone have a podcast? Nationally known podcasting consultant Cliff Ravenscraft talks about the creative nature of having a podcast.

Can different religions get along?

Does Judaism and Christianity have more in common than most people think and can we all just get along?

Have you ever wanted to be a cartoon artist?

Sergio Cariello a former Marvel Comics and DC Comics cartoon artist shares his life story and how he became the artist of The Action Bible.