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Lies Men Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free

You are being hunted.

Like a seasoned angler, our enemy opens his tackle box and selects the lure most likely to attract his intended prey—usually the one you and I are least likely to consider harmful. Each lie we bite on causes us to feel pain, lose or injure relationships, and miss out on the abundant life that God wants us to have. Lies Men Believe exposes the lies that men most commonly believe, and shows you how to combat those lies with the truth.

Lies like:

  • Pleasure and Entertainment Can Truly Satisfy Me
  • If I Mean Well, That’s Good Enough
  • If I Discipline My Children, They’ll Rebel.
  • I’m Measured by How I Compare with Other Men.

Find out how lies are holding you back from freedom, joy, and intimacy with God and others. Discover the power of the truth. Because once you fully embrace the truth, nothing is ever the same.

Robert Wolgemuth has been in the media business for thirty-nine years. A former president of Thomas Nelson Publishers, he is the owner of Wolgemuth & Associates, Inc., a literary agency exclusively representing the writing work of more than one hundred authors.

Dr. Wolgemuth is a speaker and best-selling author of over twenty books. His books include, She Calls Me Daddy, the notes to the Dad’s Devotional Bible, The Most Important Place on Earth, and What’s in the Bible: The Story of God through Time and Eternity, co-written with R.C. Sproul. His other collaborative works include Men of the BibleThe Most Important Year in a Man’s Life, and She Still Calls Me Daddy.

Robert is known as a champion for the family, effective communication, leadership, listening skills, relationship building, and biblical truth.

Among his professional accomplishments, he has served two terms as the Chairman of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

A 1969 graduate of Taylor University, from where he received an honorary doctorate in May 2005, Dr. Wolgemuth has two grown daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren. 

Robert is married to Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, who is also an accomplished author and speaker. Nancy and Robert live in Michigan.

The Politics of Ministry

We all need help navigating the politics of ministry.

“Politics” is often considered a dirty word. It brings to mind lies and manipulation, accusations and scandals. But at its most basic level, politics is simply the everyday activity of getting things done with other people: understanding their interests, recognizing the power dynamics at play, and learning how to negotiate relationships and institutions to achieve a common goal.

These realities are as true in ministry settings as anywhere else. In The Politics of Ministry, Bob Burns, Tasha Chapman, and Donald Guthrie combine their long ministry experience with sociological research on the topic. Filled with real-life stories taken from a variety of ministry settings, this book sets out wise principles and practices that help us see more clearly the political dynamics at play in our churches and parachurch ministries.

All ministry is political. As servants of Christ’s kingdom, we are called to navigate the politics of ministry with grace, wisdom, and charity. This book shows us how the gospel of Jesus changes the way we work with those around us toward our common goal.

In The Politics of Ministry, Bob Burns, Tasha Chapman, and Donald Guthrie combine their long ministry experience with sociological research on the topic. Filled with real-life stories taken from a variety of ministry settings, this book sets out wise principles and practices that help us see more clearly the political dynamics at play in our churches and parachurch ministries. All ministry is political. As servants of Christ’s kingdom, we are called to navigate the politics of ministry with grace, wisdom, and charity. This book shows us how the gospel of Jesus changes the way we work with those around us toward our common goal.

Bob Burns (PhD, University of Georgia) is the dean of lifelong learning and associate professor of education ministries at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. He is also ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America and serves as associate pastor at Crossroads Presbyterian Fellowship.

Dr. Alicia Britt Chole: The Sacred Slow

Our special guest is Dr. Alicia Britt Chole, author of The Sacred Slow: A Holy Departure From Fast Faith.  Alicia has often been compared to a velvet-wrapped sword: her voice is soothing and her messages are piercing. Dr. Alicia can be seen on TBN Mondays at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT.

She loves less than trendy spiritual formation themes like what grows in barren seasons, the gift of decrease, the use and abuse of spiritual authority, doubt as a growing pain of faith, and habits of a truly healthy soul.

An intriguing wordsmith, Alicia is a skillful mentor, an award-winning writer, and an international speaker. Men and women, learners and leaders, across ethnically diverse groups agree: In a culture obsessed with all-things-new, Alicia brings ancient truth to life.

Alicia holds a doctorate in leadership and spiritual formation from George Fox Seminary and serves as the founding director and lead mentor of Leadership Investment Intensives (, a nonprofit devoted to providing customized soul-care for leaders in business and ministry.

Along with her husband, Dr. Barry Jay Chole, and their three amazing children (all Choles through the miracle of adoption), Alicia lives in the Ozark countryside and enjoys thunderstorms, jalapenos, #LOTR, thorny questions, wild woods, and pianos in empty rooms.

Alicia Britt Chole’s atheistic existence was dramatically interrupted by Jesus weeks before she began her university studies. Of that experience Alicia states, “I would have had to commit emotional and intellectual suicide to deny God’s reality.” Today, Alicia speaks on the fusion of authentic faith and unexplainable pain to leaders, pastors, professionals, college students, and churches. All who have heard her agree: Alicia is an unusually disarming combination of realism and hope, intellect and grace, humor and art.

Alicia and Barry have been married for 25 years. Together they laugh a lot parenting their three amazing children (all Choles through the miracle of adoption), four somewhat less than amazing dogs, one truly strange cat, and eight confused chickens off of a dirt road in a country home devoted to writing and refection.

Alicia holds a B.A. in Plan II pre-law (1983) and an M.A. in Education (1994) from the University of Texas-Austin and a DMin in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from George Fox Evangelical Seminary (2015).

Visit Dr. Alicia Britt Chole’s website:

Kyle Wakefield – Founder of THEMECO

Our special guest is Kyle Wakefield, the founder of ThemeCo (, the first WordPress only network catering to products and services in the WordPress ecosystem. X Theme is the ultimate WordPress Theme with multiple unique designs. It is Themeforest’s fastest selling theme of all time. Since 2005, Kyle has been a top affiliate for many networks and marketplaces. In 2008, he expanded into buying and selling websites focusing mainly on acquisitions. To date, he has bought and/or sold more than 10 web businesses of varying sizes.

An American treasure: Joni Eareckson Tada

Our special guest is Joni Eareckson Tada, the Founder and CEO of Joni and Friends International Disability Center, an international advocate for people with disabilities. A diving accident in 1967 left Joni Eareckson, then 17, a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, without the use of her hands. After two years of rehabilitation, she emerged with new skills and a fresh determination to help others in similar situations. Visit her website at

During her rehabilitation, Joni spent long months learning how to paint with a brush between her teeth. Her high-detail fine art paintings and prints are sought-after and collected. Her best-selling autobiography Joni and the feature film of the same name have been translated into many languages, introducing her to people around the world. Mrs. Tada has also visited more than 47 countries, several many times.

Mrs. Tada has served on the National Council on Disability and on the Disability Advisory Committee to the U.S. State Department. She has served as Senior Associate for Disability Concerns for the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization and serves in an advisory capacity to the American Leprosy Mission, the National Institute on Learning Disabilities, Christian Blind Mission International, as well as on the Board of Reference for the Christian Medical and Dental Society. Joni Tada currently serves on the Young Life Capernaum Board.

After being the first woman honored by the National Association of Evangelicals as its “Layperson of the Year” in 1986, Joni was named “Churchwoman of the Year” in 1993 by the Religious Heritage Foundation.

She has received numerous other awards and honors, including the American Academy of Achievement’s Golden Plate Award; The Courage Award from the Courage Rehabilitation Center; The Award of Excellence from the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center; The Victory Award from the National Rehabilitation Hospital; and The Golden Word Award from the International Bible Society.

Joni has been awarded several honorary degrees, including: Bachelor of Letters from Western Maryland College; Doctor of Humanities from Gordon College; Doctor of Humane Letters from Columbia International University, the first bestowed in its 75-year history; Doctor of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary; Doctor of Divinity from Lancaster Bible College; a Doctor of Humanitarian Services from California Baptist University; and in 2009, a Doctor of Humane Letters by Indiana Wesleyan University. She was also inducted into Indiana Wesleyan University’s Society of World Changers.

Joni has written over 50 books and is a regular columnist in several magazines. She was inducted into the Christian Booksellers’ Association’s Hall of Honor in 1995 and received the Gold Medallion Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003 from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

Joni’s works cover topics ranging from disability outreach to understanding the goodness of God and the problem of suffering. Her books include: A Christmas Longing, depicting her best-loved Christmas paintings, and Life and Death Dilemma, addressing the complex issues surrounding physician-assisted suicide. The mystery of suffering is systematically examined in When God Weeps: Why Our Sufferings Matter to the Almighty, a book written with Steve Estes in 1997 which won ECPA’s Gold Medallion Award.

In 2003, Joni wrote her memoir The God I Love, chronicling a lifetime walking with Jesus. In 2011, A Place of Healing was released, recounting her journey through physical pain and addressing questions concerning prayers for healing. After battling stage III breast cancer in 2010, Joni wrote Diagnosed with Breast Cancer: Life after Shock, released in the fall of 2012. Joni & Ken: An Untold Love Story was released in 2013. Joni’s book detailing her latest health challenges, Beside Bethesda: 31 Days Toward Deeper Healing, was released in 2014. In October 2016, her new daily devotional, A Spectacle of Glory was released by Zondervan – it won best devotional book in ECPA’s 2017 Christian Book Awards. Joni is General Editor of the new Beyond Suffering Bible, a special edition published by Tyndale for those who suffer chronic conditions, and their caregivers.

Beginning in 1982, she began hosting “Joni and Friends,” a daily five-minute radio program of information and inspiration. Four minutes in length, the program airs on more than 1,000 outlets and reaches one million listeners a week. Her one-minute inspirational program, “Diamonds in the Dust,” also airs daily on more than 800 stations nationwide. In May 2017, the “Joni and Friends” radio program celebrated 35 years of broadcasting.

Joni served as host of a 30-minute television series called “Joni and Friends,” which highlights the stories of people enduring difficult trials while continuing to trust in God. In 2012, the TV episode “Cancer – Joni’s Journey” was released, detailing her battle against stage III breast cancer, including surgery and chemotherapy. Episodes can be viewed on the television page at

In 2002, Joni received the William Ward Ayer Award for excellence from the National Religious Broadcasters’ Association. In 2012, the National Religious Broadcasters Association inducted Joni Eareckson Tada into its Hall of Fame. In 2015, Moody Radio awarded Joni its prestigious Robert Neff Award for distinguished spiritual excellence in religious broadcasting. In 2012, The Colson Center on Christian Worldview awarded Joni its prestigious William Wilberforce Award. In 2017, Biola University conferred upon Joni its highly acclaimed Charles W. Colson Courage & Conviction Award.

She has been interviewed or featured on TV shows such as “Larry King Live,” “ABC World News Tonight,” and Fox News’ “The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly.” PBS’s “Religion & Ethics” program featured Joni and her work among persons with disabilities worldwide. She has appeared in print outlets such as Christianity Today, World Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times and on radio shows such as “Breakpoint,” “Focus on the Family” and “FamilyTalk with Dr. James Dobson.” Joni’s commentary on disability related issues has appeared in The Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine.

Joni and her husband, Ken Tada, have been married since 1982 and enjoy serving the Joni and Friends ministry together. On July 30, 2017 Joni “celebrated” 50 years of living well in her wheelchair, a remarkable testimony to God’s sustaining grace.

What does it take to become a published IVP Christian author?

Our special guest is Jeff Crosby, the publisher of InterVarsity Press (IVP). InterVarsity Press began right before World War II as a small service branch of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) campus ministry. Today, after years of development and growth, IVP has nearly one hundred staff, working together to publish books, Bible studies, and booklets every year that equip, edify, and challenge people in every generation.

Crosby got his start in the Christian book industry as the owner with his wife, Cindy, of a Logos bookstore in Bloomington, Indiana, from 1983 to 1993. He went on to become the executive director of the Association of Logos Bookstores from 1993 to 1996 and was in executive sales and marketing roles with the Christian divisions of Ingram Book Company for two years before he started at IVP. “InterVarsity Press books challenged, stimulated and nourished my faith in Christ and my understanding of Christian theology and spirituality long before I came to work with its people in Downers Grove,” Crosby said. “It’s been a privilege to serve alongside incredibly visionary and committed colleagues for the past eighteen years as we’ve published resources for the university, the church and the world in response to God’s call on us. I’m grateful for the opportunity to step into the twin roles of IVP publisher and IVCF vice president and be a part of leading us into the next chapters of our work together.”

Crosby received his bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ball State University in 1983 and his master’s in Leadership Studies from North Central College in 2009. As IVP’s director of sales and marketing Crosby managed sales to domestic retail accounts and the international distribution partnerships in England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and other countries. He was instrumental in launching the direct marketing program for IVP Academic’s award-winning Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture reference series, and was a primary drafter of IVP’s digital publishing strategy in 2008. Throughout his career Crosby has led numerous workshops and spoken at conferences on the topics of publishing, marketing and management. In both 2015 and again this year, he has served the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) as the content creation leader for the sessions of its ECPA PUBu events.

Located in Westmont, Illinois, InterVarsity Press has been publishing thoughtful Christian books for more than 70 years. An extension of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, IVP is a leading Christian publisher with a respected history providing resources that strengthen the church, encourage individuals, and shape the academy. As an extension of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, InterVarsity Press serves those in the university, the church, and the world by publishing resources that equip and encourage people to follow Jesus as Savior and Lord in all of life.

Becoming curious, a spiritual practice of asking questions

Our special guest is Dr. Casey Tygrett, author of the book Becoming Curious: A Spiritual Practice of Asking Questions. Curiosity is essential to growth. A little curiosity moves us deeper into the lives of the people around us. It leads to opportunities we never knew existed. A little curiosity helps us understand our own strange emotions. If it is focused on Jesus, it will make us more like Him. Pastor and spiritual director Casey Tygrett loves to ask questions. “There’s a difficult line to walk between what we need to know and what falls into the realm of mystery,” he writes. “Walking that line often wears on our nerves and causes incredible tension, and so we settle for easy answers. We stop asking questions. We give up. We begin to lose the one thing that fiercely energizes the transformation of our souls—something beautiful, poetic, joyful, and happily disruptive. When we make curiosity a spiritual practice, we open up to new ways of knowing God and knowing ourselves as well. Come and discover the power of asking questions.

Casey Tygrett (DMin, Lincoln Christian Seminary) is a pastor, blogger, adjunct seminary professor, and spiritual director who serves as the teaching pastor at Heartland Community Church in Rockford, Illinois. He was previously pastor of spiritual formation at Parkview Community Church in Tinley Park, Illinois, and has taught at Lincoln Christian University and Seminary and Emmanuel Christian Seminary. He is the author of The Jesus Rhythm and has written for The Christian Standard,, and the Apprentice Institute blog.

Visit Dr. Tygrett’s website at

Discovering your blind spots to reach your ministry potential

Our special guest is Dr. Terry Linhart, author of the book The Self-Aware Leader: Discovering Your Blind Spots to Reach Your Ministry Potential.

You’ve studied what you think you need to know before entering a career in ministry. Is there anything that is more important than knowing about hermeneutics, homiletics, theology, exegesis, and everything else you have likely learned in seminary and church ministry so far? Yes, there is. How well do you know yourself? You need to build your ministry career on the right foundation of an objective understanding of self. If you don’t comprehend your strengths and weaknesses, then you won’t be fully prepared to enter the crucible of ministry. Serving as a pastor is one of the toughest calls there is. But it can also be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding, especially if you have taken the time to examine both your gifts and vulnerabilities. The church needs leaders who have the clear-eyed courage to pursue the hardest part of the ministry journey: seeing yourself. The Self-Aware Leader will help you to do just that.

Dr. Terry Linheart is also a speaker, consultant, and professor of Christian ministries at Bethel College in South Bend, Indiana. For over twenty-five years, Terry has led and taught about topics related to Christian ministry and organizational oversight. His youth ministry experience includes eight years in parachurch ministry with Youth for Christ and seven years as youth pastor at Hope Missionary Church in Bluffton, Indiana. He has taught at Asbury Theological Seminary, North Park University, Huntington College, Taylor University, and Alliance Graduate School in Quezon City, Philippines.

You can visit his website and

101 simple ways to show your husband you love him

Our special guest is Kathi Lipp, the author of 101 Simple Ways to Show Your Husband That You Love Him. Kathi inspires thousands of women each year to strip down their expectations and lives and live with real purpose. With humor and wisdom, Kathi offers hope paired with practical steps to live with meaning. Kathi Lipp is the author of 16 books including Clutter Free, The Get Yourself Organized Project, The Husband Project, Happy Habits for Every Couple, and I Need Some Help Here – Hope for When Your Kids Don’t Go According to Plan. She is the host of Clutter Free Academy the Podcast! with Kathi Lipp and speaks at conferences across the US. Kathi is published with Revell Publishers and Harvest House Publishers.

She has become well respected on the topics of clutter from a biblical perspective (who knew there was such a thing?). She is a national speaker and is often featured on Focus on the Family, MOPS International,, and Nickelodeon TV’s Parent Connect as well as a number of other media outlets around the country. She was recently named “Best of Broadcast” on Focus on the Family.

Why Christianity was never meant to be simple.

Our special guest is Krish Kandiah (PhD, Kings College London) the author of the book Paradoxology: Why Christianity Was Never Meant To Be Simple. It seems that the God of the Christian faith is full of paradoxes. A compassionate God who sanctions genocide. An all-powerful God who allows horrific suffering. A God who owns everything yet demands so much from his followers. A God who is distant and yet present at the same time. Many of us have big questions about God that the Christian faith seems to leave unanswered, so we push them to the back of our minds for fear of destabilizing our beliefs. But leaving these questions unexamined is neither healthy for us nor honoring to God. Rather than shying away from the difficult questions, we need to face them head on.

What if the tension between apparently opposing doctrines is exactly where faith comes alive? What if this ancient faith has survived so long not in spite of but precisely because of these apparent contradictions? What if it is in the difficult parts of the Bible that God is most clearly revealed? In his new book Paradoxology Krish Kandiah makes a bold new claim: that the paradoxes that seem like they ought to undermine belief are actually the heart of our vibrant faith, and it is only by continually wrestling with them—rather than trying to pin them down or push them away—that we can really move forward, individually and together.

He is also the founder and director of Home for Good, a charity finding homes for foster children and young refugees. An international speaker, he teaches regularly at Regent College and George Fox Seminary, and is the author of several books, including Home for Good. Krish is the vice president of Tearfund, a Christian relief and development agency. Previously, he was president of London School of Theology and also on faculty at Oxford University. He has also worked with students in the UK with UCCF, and in Albania with IFES. Krish lives with his wife, Miriam, and their seven birth, adopted, and foster children.