Our special guest is Adam McHugh, author of Introverts in the Church. Adam shows how introverts can live and minister in ways consistent with their personalities. He explains how introverts and extroverts process information and approach relationships differently and how introverts can practice Christian spirituality in ways that fit who they are. With practical illustrations from church and parachurch contexts, McHugh offers ways for introverts to serve, lead, worship, and even evangelize effectively.

Introverts have gifts for the church and the world. But many churches tend to be extroverted places where introverts are marginalized. Some Christians end up feeling like it’s not as faithful to be an introvert.

Introverts in the Church is essential reading for any introvert who has ever felt out of place, as well as for church leaders who want to make their churches more welcoming to introverts. This expanded edition has been revised throughout and includes new research on the neuroscience of introversion and material for parenting and encouraging introverted youth. Discover God’s call and empowerment to thrive as an introvert, for the sake of the church and kingdom.

Adam S. McHugh (ThM, Princeton Theological Seminary) is an ordained Presbyterian minister and spiritual director, and a regular contributor to Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution website. He has served at two Presbyterian churches, as a hospice chaplain and as campus staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He is the author of The Listening Life, which won the 2017 Christianity Today Book Award for spiritual formation, and Introverts in the Church, and lives on the central coast of California.

3 comments on Introverts in the Church

  1. This is POWERFUL stuff as I used to me more introvertical and lived a lot less stressful life. And now that I have “come out of my shell” I am too extrovertical. My life as a whole is more miserable now that I have grown “wings” and flying high only to fall flat on my beak/face as it has really been pride and selfishness that drove me out of the nest to new heights that I never really had any business soaring too. Can anyone help me with tips on how to live a more balanced “somewhere in between the lines and lands of introverts and extroverts” please? Pride goes before a fall. God gives Grace to the humble; but humbles the prideful. God lifts the humble up; and brings low the prideful.

  2. Joseph Neeland says:

    Hi, is this mic on and is anyone there please? It has been close to one year ago since I submitted my request. May you please guide me into the right introvertical path? Thank you in advance.

    1. Messiah Community says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Yes, the mic is on. Thanks for replying!
      Please contact the author Adam Mchugh at adamsmchugh@gmail.com

      He would love to hear from you. Just mention you heard about him from our program.

      Michael James Lroin

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