Our special guest is Dr. Sam Serio, the author of the book “Sensitive Preaching to the Sexually Hurting.” In addition to being a widely sought-after Counselor, Teacher, Preacher, and Communicator – Dr. Sam Serio has written this book to especially help pastors, church staff members, seminaries/colleges, and specialized ministry leaders to communicate much better to those who are sexually wounded or addicted. He actually addresses seven very difficult and delicate sexual topics – using the Scriptures in providing for you actual sermon sentences, ideas and counseling tips. There is no book like it. Pornography. Abortion. Same-Sex Attraction. Casual Sex. Childhood Sexual Abuse/Molestation. Sexless Marriage. Sexual Assault/Rape. All seven are covered. Dr. Serio speaks with warmth and wisdom to empower today’s and tomorrow’s pastors or counselors to minister more effectively to people who suffer and hurt from sexual sin or pain.

Numbers Don’t lie, but sometimes they do, especially when it comes to the number of people who have been sexually hurt by someone else. They (or you) probably didn’t tell anyone about it yet it happened to you and you’ll never be the same now. The police don’t know, your spouse doesn’t know, your family doesn’t know, your colleagues don’t know, and your friends don’t know. No one really knows but you – and now you try to deal with it. Maybe it happened a long time ago but then, maybe it happened last night. Sexual crimes are the least reported of all types, for a wide variety of understandable and good reasons. For every one actually reported, there are anywhere from 5 to 10 times more that are never mentioned. Maybe it wasn’t actually a crime but maybe it was casual or consensual – but now you’re really feeling the effects of what happened. You struggle with it or you know someone who is trying to cope with it. Sexual hurt and pain can be the most overwhelming burden you can privately carry for the rest of your life. It’s a gray thundercloud that sometimes suddenly bursts on you (and everyone around you!) but sometimes it just drizzles all day long, leaving you dazed and confused. Why am I depressed so much now? Why can’t I get over this? Your sexual hurt might be affecting your everyday life at home or work. Maybe your relationships seem much harder to have now. You wonder why you don’t like certain kinds of people or get panic attacks out of the blue. Your emotions are over-powering you. You don’t know why you over-react so frequently. You don’t know why you’re so irritable or suspicious. Health issues have set in. You just can’t seem to forget what someone has done to you that hurt you so badly. Maybe you’re blaming yourself for something that you shouldn’t be feeling OR maybe you’re ignoring the guilt that you should be feeling. It could be either. Might you need to talk to someone who will help you

You’re confused as to your sexual identity or you’ve lost your sexual dignity. You feel like damaged goods. You can’t believe it happened. Why you? You’ve lost a lot and try to keep busy so you won’t dwell on it. The anger doesn’t go away. You don’t know who to tell. You don’t know what to say or do about the shame, humiliation, anger, betrayal, disappointment, crying, loss, fear, depression or destructive tendencies that you now feel. It might be from casual sex, pornography, sexual molestation, rape, same-sex attraction, a sexless marriage or an abortion. Maybe you did tell someone but they didn’t believe you or they told you to get over it and get on with life.

To learn more about Dr. Serio, visit www.healingsexualhurt.com

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  1. Thank you for helping people to see that God really is our best solution and not our last resort, when it comes to healing sexual hurts and habits !

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