Our special guest is James R. Alburger, author of the book The VoiceActor’s Guide to Professional Home Recording. If you’re just getting started in voiceover, you know that sooner or later you must be able to record auditions and projects at home or on your computer. It’s simply the way the voiceover business works today. A relatively new computer or laptop gets you half way there, but you still need a few things before you can record and deliver professional-quality auditions and paid projects. And if you’re like most voice talent just starting out, you probably don’t have the budget for a lot of expensive equipment, or the knowledge to put everything together.

The Voice Actor’s Guide to Professional Home Recording is different from every other book, eBook, or DVD on home studio recording. It’s packed with hundreds of links to other websites and additional resources including FREE recording software and more. Plus, every key point in the eBook is cross-linked within the book itself. Finding what you need to know has never been easier, and this is something you’ll never find in a printed book!

to buy the book, visit James R. Alburger’s website at www.voiceacting.com/home-studio-ebook/


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