The Voice Over Actor’s Handbook: How to analyze, interpret, and deliver scripts.

Our special guest is John Burr, author of The Voice Over Actor’s Handbook: How to Analyze, Interpret, and Deliver Scripts. John Burr is a voiceover performer, recording engineer/producer, video producer/director, and a professional trainer/coach. He has written and produced scripts in all media, and has directed many well-known national performers including Fritz Weaver, Alexander Scourby, Leslie Nielsen, William Conrad and Martin Landau. His many years of working in his various media roles have given him an in-depth understanding of every stage of the production process. Many of his former students have narrated for Discovery and Learning Channels, History Channel, National Geographic, and national audiobook producers, as well as many of America’s well-known corporations, such as Marriott, Xerox, IBM, Danaher, Carey International, and Lockheed-Martin.

The uniqueness in his approach to training comes from many years of applied language dynamics and musical characteristics to the process of teaching how to understand and interpret scripts and how to communicate with others in a natural, believable, purposeful, and convincing manner. John received his musical training at the Eastman School of Music, academic education at the University of Maine, and post-graduate work at American University. As a singer and assistant conductor of the U.S. Air Force Band Singing Sergeants and as a performer and musical director for the American Educational Theater Association and USO, he toured nationally and internationally for several years. As an actor and singer, he performed in many professional stock company productions, and performed in over forty operas with the Washington Opera.

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