Our special guest is Rocky Seto, who in January 2017, announced that he would be leaving his position as assistant head coach of defense with the Seattle Seahawks to join the ministry. In 2010, Seto joined Pete Carroll’s coaching staff with the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. In 2015, he had been promoted to assistant head coach / defense.

After playing for the Trojans, Rocky Seto joined the coaching staff in 1999 as a volunteer assistant under then-head coach Paul Hackett, working with the defense and special teams. In 2000, he served as an administrative graduate assistant, and with the arrival of head coach Pete Carroll in 2001, he became a graduate assistant involved in the defense, working with the general defense in 2001 and safeties in 2002. In 2003, he became a full coach, in charge of safeties, and from 2004-2005 he coached linebackers. From 2006-2010, he coached the USC secondary.

Get ready to hear an interview that is sure to provide great inspiration toward your walk with Christ.
Visit Rocky’s website at www.thegreatesttreasure.org/

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